Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cleaning Out

I have the next five days off of work.  The idea was to spend time with family, rest, and get going with some projects that had been on hold.  The primary project being that of going though my stash of books in the basement.  Weeding out, organizing, etc.

You might remember my post about book hoarding back in '09.  Well I've managed to let go of some of those with my decluttering challenge in early '11.

The rest (the bulk, plus those I've picked up since '09) now reside in my parents' basement.  I'll be trying to clear them out further (with the help of my mother and possibly my grandmother - a family effort).  I hope to get them to a manageable number.  I'd like to be able to find the books I'm looking for when I look while also not feeling overwhelmed by something that's supposed to be my pleasure.

I intend post pics (I'm bad about that though, so no guarantees) to keep you all up-to-date.


  1. It must be something in the air. I've made a decision to take the rest of this month and all of next, if needed, to get all my books/products reviewed. My goal is by the end of April, all reviews will be completed. I'm back reading--thank goodness and I don't want to lose momentum.

    I wish you the best with organizing. It can be painful!

  2. It is very painful. I've worked on it the past two nights; I'm giving up some books I never dreamed I'd part with and others that I just haven't gotten to yet. I can tell you it HURTS. But I'm pressing on. I think so far I have 7 boxes to be picked up by Am Vets in April, 2-3 that I'll be selling in a rummage sale this spring/summer, and 2-3 boxes to go to nursing homes. I still have more to go through down there, plus the books that have made their way back up to my room.

    Good luck with your reviewing and happy reading.


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