Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Book Hoarding ...

My place can get pretty bad, er, messy. To the point that my mother will come help me clean it (that sounds pathetic, I know). And lately she's taken to making comments like, "Are you sure you're not a hoarder?" I've assured her not - even had her watch the show Hoarders to make my point.

But then I started thinking about my book collecting, and how, among book lovers, I've "heard" people proudly proclaim themselves "book hoarders." Some, from what I've seen and read, are "worse" than me. Others, I'm definitely "worse." And I'm always wanting more! So I thought I'd share, and you can tell me... are you a book hoarder? =)

[Note: My place has been cleaned recently, the books spread out more as time goes on.]

First, the bookshelves in my room (the paperbacks are triple stacked - deep - and the hardbacks are double)...

Then there's the boxes and totes in the closet...

Books that have stacked up on the computer desk...

Swap (paperbackswap) books...

Whatever library books I have checked out...

Sitting at the table with me =) ...

Table books...

The books in my china cabinet (mostly bible books, travel books, and my autographed books)...

[Note: The china cabinet isn't usually open; the cats were very interested in sniffing things out.]


  1. ROTFL! Yes, hon, you are a hoarder and that's an okay thing to be. :)

  2. You could have some competitions and give away some of the books that you don't need anymore :)

  3. J. Kaye - ::sigh:: I know. I am. I guess I'm okay with it as long as it stays just books.

    Fiona - 2 problems with that. Most of those books I either haven't gotten to yet (and want the option of reading should the mood strike) or re-read (I do re-read books by several authors). The 2nd issue being I don't have money to send books off. Can't pay rent, certainly can't pay shipping costs. Sorry. =)

    I do plan to have a giveaway in April, a Christmas themed thing (I did it on eHarlequin this year, but I'm going to try running it on my blog for 2010).

  4. Now you have me curious. How did you do a giveaway on eHarlequin?

  5. Well people give free books away in the community section of eHarlequin for various occasions... usually authors, but not always.

    So I just offered free books (only Harlequins/Silhouettes JIC), etc. etc. It was mostly like any other giveaway.

    I plan to do the same thing - same question and everything. Since it'll be my blog, I'll offer non-Harlequin/Silhouette books too (if I can gather some).

    Here's the URL for this year's, if you're still interested...

  6. Oh Jo, that is so cool! I've never hung around their community. Honestly, I haven't had the time and in 2010, I plan on unplugging from time-hogs. Yes, even Twitter. I think I've been doing a good job there and plan to keep that up. I really plan on restricting my internet time. ;) Sadly, I could probably cut it down by half and no one would notice. I literally spend every waking moment plugged up to something on the internet. Double :(

  7. I haven't been participating in the eHarl community as much since around June, but it is a nice place w/ equally nice people. =)

    Good luck with all your plans. I understand what it is to spend all your time on the 'puter. Not like you (over such an extended time), but I have sprees...


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