Saturday, January 8, 2011

De-Cluttering Personal Challenge

A library in the area had a display of books on organization.  Looking back, my guess is it was aimed at those with New Year resolutions.  All I know is that I was drawn in, and ended up checking out The Clutter-Busting Handbook: Clean It Up, Clear It Out, and Keep Your Life Clutter-Free by Rita Emmett.  So I've been reading it and feeling inspired.  I don't really expect my life to become clutter free.  However, I do hope to at least make the one area of my life where I am clutter-central (my books) a little more manageable.  This will mean, for at least part, donating.

So... do you have any ideas about where I can donate?  I do have some obvious (to me) options... the local library, the local Goodwill, or a Reading Tree box.  (I'm afraid online giveaways aren't really an option... packaging and postage cost money I can't really afford.)  But do you have any more creative or personal ideas?  I figure the more personal and creative, the more motivated I might be to actually give the books up. =)


  1. Very timely. I bought some organizing contraptions for my desk yesterday to get my clutter into some sort of order. Who needs 25 empty file folders stacked on their desk? I have trouble throwing anything away. We have an organization called The Friends of the Library and they take books. The proceeds go to things like buying a van for the library. See if there is anything like that in your area. There's always Half Price Books but you won't get much for them. If you want to use them to swap, log in to You list books and when someone buys a book you get a credit, then you can purchase a book from someone else. You only pay for the book you mail.

  2. For me it's mostly books I have trouble parting with. I'm always thinking I still need to read that one, or what if I want to re-read that one, or it's part of a series!

    When I mention the local library I mean Friends of the Library. Though I'm pretty sure they've never bought a van for the library. I do give them books on ocassion - I just like to "spread the weath" if you will. I have a LOT of books.

    I wish there was a Half-Price Books around here. Of course, I lived by one for about a year and I'm pretty sure it contibuted to the books I'm wading through now. ;p

    I'm currently not a super active member, but I am a PBS member. The thing about swaping is expensive (no matter what they say), and not all readable books are swapable, so even with swapping, I have books to de-clutter.

    Thanks for the suggestions!


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