Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Invincible, Indiana

Title: Invincible, Indiana

Author: Nate Dunlevy [Facebook][Twitter][Invincible, Indiana Facebook]

Publisher: Madison House Publishing

ISBN: 978-0984762408

Length: 256 pages

Obtained: Library book club copy

Why this book?:

I had chosen this book for my online discussion group.  I had to read it (I don't read all of my book club books), because I needed to scramble for discussion questions.


I'm not a huge fan of basketball, but the overall story line was interesting (if a bit strange).  Some of the characters had more depth than others.

The main thing was built on a small town that celebrated mediocrity.  That in itself is baffling.  I might understand if that was their best, but they weren't trying their best.  They were shooting for the middle.  Quite frankly, if you look at it in (U.S.) grading terms, 50% is failing.  But the coach, Dale, seemed to do the best he could with the hand dealt and trying to convince, not only the team, but the whole town that they should want - and need - more.

And then the there are the racism issues that simmer through the book and then kind of erupt.  And then...   Small spoiler here...

There's a happy, learn right from wrong type ending.  But as to how believable that is?  I'd like to think it can happen.  I certainly think people are capable of change.  But I just don't know.

Anyway, I also was unsure about the ending.  In some ways I got it, and in some ways, it wasn't quite the HEA I'm generally hoping for.

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