Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Blood Red

Title: Blood Red

Author: Mercedes Lackey [Website][Facebook][Twitter]

Publisher: DAW Books

Series: Elemental Masters, Bk 10 (officially Bk 9)

ISBN: 9780756408978

Length: 312 pages

Obtained: Library copy

Why this book?:

It is a Mercedes Lackey book, and it is from the Elemental Masters series, and I have a fondness for both.


I was worried about this one.  The story of "Red Riding Hood" has never been my favorite in any variation that I'm familiar with.  I wasn't sure how the story would go from the expected encounter with the "big bad wolf."  It turned out to be a very interesting turn.  I won't say much lest I give too much away, but Rosamund aka Rosa survives and becomes a great hunter of evil (like a Van Helsing only different).  She is rather emotionally detached in some ways that made be uneasy.  She is an Earth Master, but without the healing, nurturing aspect that so many of Earth have.  I gather that has something to do with her reservation (though her upbringing and power may also be factors).  She also shows some prejudice (thankfully short lived) that I wasn't especially happy with.  But when it comes down to it, she fights evil without letting her humanity be stolen or worn down.  She just has some flaws to work on.  And the ending is horrifying and sickening and fits the story rather well.  I eagerly await the next book in the series, and hope it comes soon.

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