Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hearts and Swords

Title: Hearts and Swords
     Content Titles:
           "Heart and Sword"
           "Heart Story"
           "Heart and Soul"
           "Noble Heart"

Author: Robin D. Owens

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Series: Celta/Heart Series

ISBN: 9780425243411

Length: 452

Obtained: Library copy

Why this book?:

I'm a fan of the series/author.


You could read this as an introduction to Celta.  But it serves especially well for those who have been following the series and enjoy the secondary stories/romances.  And IMO, each story was better than the one before it.  I look forward to reading more.  But here are my thoughts on the individual stories...

"Heart and Sword" - I would have preferred this as a general story, rather than it being made into a romance.  The story of how it went down, combined with seeing the story that has now been made into a production in the books was interesting.  But the conflict (and resolution) between Kelse and Fern Bountry in their relationship felt forced.

"Heart Story" - Blush Willow deserved a story, and I'm glad she got it.  The hoarding aspect there on Celta was interesting.  It was a very brief story, but it didn't need to be long.  The end was a bit abrupt, but still fine.

"Heart and Soul" - I was pleased Genista got a story.  I always felt bad for her and the way things worked out - even if I am glad Tinne got his HeartMate.  But her Genista has had time to heal, to learn herself, and to find love.

"Noble Heart" - This was the best story in the bunch.  It was also the longest.  Once again this is a story that ties up loose ends.  Sedwy had her controversy in the Heart Quest.  And the Clover family is so big they needed another story.  Plus, I'm pretty sure the Clover brother mentioned this one has his marriage in Heart Fortune.  So that's a thread tied.

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