Saturday, October 26, 2013


Title: Bastion

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Publisher: DAW Books

Series: Collegium Chronicles, Bk 5 ; A Novel of Valdemar

ISBN: 9780756409449

Length: 342 pages

Obtained: Library copy


I've really found myself liking this series, but I have to say this one wasn't quite so enjoyable as the rest. 

It had most of the main characters introduced through the series so far (though some of them didn't seem to play as large a part), so that wasn't it.  The flashbacks (I hate flashbacks - I'm not re-reading part of another book when I'm in the middle of my current read) could have been part of it.  But there were only a few, and I tolerate them in other books. 

The overall story was fine, and definitely important to Mags story.  So I'm glad I read it.  I just think it could have done without some parts.  Not only the flashbacks, but the recaps and maybe some of the description.  Yeah, that's it.  Then it would have been ideal.

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