Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shadow of the Alchemist

Title: Shadow of the Alchemist

Author: Jeri Westerson

Publisher: Minotaur Books

Series: Crispin Guest Medieval Noir, Bk 6

ISBN: 9781250000309

Length: 299 + "Afterword" + "Glossary"

Obtained: Library copy

Why this book?:

I enjoy this series.


As usual I enjoyed reading another of Crispin's adventures.  The alchemy aspect was okay.  Parts of the mystery caught my interest more than others.  Like the many youngsters and elderly dying.  That part and Crispin's deductions on why those particular people where becoming ill was interesting. 

But what really draws me in this series is Crispin and his interactions as he fights to rebuild (or at least maintain) his new(-ish) life.  It always baffles me when he does the drunk thing (though he actually managed to curtail that for most of this book).  And I find myself even more baffled when it comes to his relations with women.  I mean really.  But his interactions with his apprentice, Jack are great.  And his meetings and discussions with those people of his past are intriguing.

Another part of what draws me to this series is a look at the history.  I find history fascinating (I even took a medieval history course in college), but I don't often retain information like that well.  Having it intertwined with fiction and the characters that I enjoy makes it come alive.  And maybe I will remember it better this way?  At the least I've come to expect the "Afterword"s as a part of each story.  The book isn't finished until I've read that part as well.

Anyway, apparently the next book out will be a prequel - how Crispin met Jack - titled Cup of Blood.  And after that things will be back on track with The Silence of the Stones.  I look forward to reading both, especially the latter.

I've shared this trailer before, but I'm doing it again.  You can watch it or not, but this is what convinced me to try this series in the first place:

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