Friday, October 25, 2013

Rogue Oracle

Title: Rogue Oracle

Author: Alayna Williams aka Laura Bickle [Old Website]

Publisher: Pocket Books Urban Fantasy

Series: Delphic Oracle #2

ISBN: 9781439182819

Length: 360 pages

Obtained: Personal copy purchased at Dollar General

Why this book?:

It looked interesting and at the time I thought it was a first in series.


Like the first book, this one had a bit too much description of the tarot cards and their interpretations for me.  But there was less.

The background history on the case - cold war spies and the Chernobyl disaster was interesting, and, I think, unique.  It definitely interested me in the history of the time.  Early this year I saw Visit Sunny Chernobyl on someone's blog and had considered reading it.  Now I definitely think I need to read something on the subject.  It's certainly fascinating and horrifying all at once.

But this is an urban fantasy book, and it's best not to forget this.  Of course the bad guy in this one is so - I don't even know what word to use - but it definitely helped keep the fantasy in mind.  In a creepy, horrible way.

The oracle stuff (the others - the Delphi's Daughters), I was not as pleased about.  Mostly it seemed weird.  The relationships between them and all that, I mean. =/

Anyway, I'd definitely be interested in trying more by this author.  Her Anya Kalinczyk series (under the name Laura Bickle) sounds interesting...

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