Monday, May 6, 2013

A Place and Time for Reading (a discussion on time-management)

I've mentioned before my recent step up to a full-time librarian position.  This has been goal for some time.  I'm thrilled, no doubt. 

But who knew it would be so difficult to get any reading or blogging in?  Others may have, but it's been a reality check for me.  I guess this happened before.  I've had other jobs that were just short of "full time."  But I didn't notice it as much.  Or, more likely, I conveniently forgot.  Whatever the case, here's my thoughts/revelations...

I used to say, when I was a student (even in grad school), that people who said they didn't have time to read just didn't MAKE the time.  I still believe that, but in a whole new way.  I now understand that you may need to schedule reading in.  Like set aside specific times.  And that sometimes you may have the actual time to slip some reading in, but not the energy.

So how do you manage your reading (and blogging if applicable)?  Do you have a set time you read (blog)?  Do you grab every chance you get?  Or do you not get much quantity reading in, but focus on quality reading (blogging)?  What do you juggle in your schedule ... family, illness, school, work, activities/hobbies...?

Please, let me know.  I'd love to get some new perspective.

And if you're interested, I have some VERY guesstimated number-crunching...

Once upon a time I read between 300 - 400 books a year.  Some thin ones, some bulky ones.
That number has decreased over time.  I'd say last year I was around 150-200? Give or take? 

So far in 2013, I've read about 28-30 books based on the number of MG through Adult books I've blogged about.  ::sigh::  I miss reading.


  1. I'm going through this with writing. I've tried a couple of ways, but "grab every chance" works more for my chaotic lifestyle. That said, I think about my schedule the day/night before and have it in my head when I plan to work. In time, this will change. Right now, my kids are the priority. Take this week. There's a dentist and orthodontist appts. Next week, finals and a court date. Oh, let's not forget the 911s. Like today, went to pay off our credit card and discovered someone in South Carolina has been charging off my card. Good thing I keep an eye out on my account, because it wasn't stolen in the traditional sense. The whole thing wasn't a big deal really, but you are taking about two hours out of my day to get this mess straightened out. Then I'll have to type up a statement, blah, blah, blah.

    Give yourself time to adjust. That's what I have to do for me. Once I'm fully adjusted, then I can look at making time for other things. And I have no doubt you'll adjust. It's just a pain in the rear at first. ;)

    1. I had someone steal my debit information (but not the physical card) recently. They only managed one charge before I caught it, but I still had to get a new card, etc. so I understand.

      I think I am adjusting, but I worry that I'm going to get used to not reading much and decline from there.

  2. First of all, congratulations on being a full time librarian! I work at a bookstore and you would think I'd be reading lots but I don't. I mean I do but not on the job, LOL. It's hard finding time to do things you love doing. It just thought me to be more selective with that I read! -Earl

    1. Thanks! Oh boy. More selective. That's actually an angle I hadn't put much thought into. And probably easier said than done, but definitely important. If I'm going to be reading less I don't want the reading to be blah.


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