Monday, May 6, 2013

Grumpy Gloria (Children's Book) AND I'm Not Reading! (Children's Book)

Author/Illustrator: Anna Dewdney

Publisher: Viking

ISBN: 0670061239

Obtained: ILL Library copy

Why this book:

Love Anna Dewdney's other work so had to try this one.


I LOVE that Gloria's a bulldog. My sis's dog (the one I've been training), is a bulldog mix. In addition, the story was cute. It has great vocab, as usual for a Dewdney book. Also like other Dewdney books, this one has a nice sing-song rhyming rhythm.  I'm definitely glad I requested it.

Author/Illustrator: Jonathan Allen

Publisher: Boxer Books

Series: Baby Owl, Bk6

ISBN: 9781907967443

Obtained: Library copy

Why this book:

It looked cute and had the word “reading” in the title.


Owl sits down to read to Owly, but then Tiny Chick comes.  That's fine but then more and more come until finally Baby Owl is NOT READING!  It's a nice story with a happy ending.  I think part of what I liked was that "baby" owl was reading to other children.  I liked the idea of sharing literacy, even at a young age.  Maybe especially at a young age.

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