Sunday, November 4, 2012

Time Untime

Title: Time Untime

Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Series: Dark-Hunter Novel (Bk number depends on how you count)

ISBN: 9780312546618

Pages: 414

Obtained: Library copy


I liked the characters in this one, even though I actually became annoyed at Ren's self-pity/hate.  That's saying something because usually it's a trait I relate with.

As for the story, of course I had to know how the world would be saved.  This, like Retribution before it, has a lot more with American Indian culture and mythology.  Some adjustment was required on my part, but it was still interesting.  I enjoyed the epilogue (sometimes epilogues can be a bit too much, but this one worked).  It had a nice emotional touch as well as wrapping everything up.


  1. Hmm ... what you had to say about Ren makes me a bit nervous, in light of what I think about recent DH books.

    1. You're not a fan of the self-pity thing? I think she tries to make the heroes more and more persecuted and yet humble. They think they are unlovable and then the right woman shows them love. I'm just not sure it comes off quite right. But if you're reading the series you need this one for the overall story.

  2. Our library has this on audio (OverDrive) and I've been wanting to read/listen to this series. I have a few paranormal series that I've become addicted too. Have you read any of the Downside Ghost Series by Stacia Kane? I about flipped over this series and even paid money for the ones our library didn't have. Yes, like I need to purchase more books. Anyway, audio was the way to go on this one too. The narrator took a bit of warming up on book one, but once she did, she was seriously good.

    1. I just requested the library ILL the print version. You really think I should try it as an audio?

    2. Wow, good thing I don't follow many blogs. A couple more days and it will be a month ago this post was published. :( I'd promise that I'll get better, but it would be a lie. My email box is the last thing to get done usually.

      Anyway, the Stacia Kane series is awesome good on audio. I paid actual So yeah, I really think you should. The first few minutes of the first book are awkward, but then the narrator gets in the rhythm.


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