Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blood Bath & Beyond

Title: Blood Bath & Beyond

Author: Michelle Rowen aka Michelle Maddox aka Morgan Rhodes

Publisher: Obsidian Mystery

Series: Immortality Bites Mystery, Bk 1 ; a continuation of the Immortality Bites PR series

ISBN: 9780451237644

Pages: 308

Obtained: Library copy


Vampires are spreading to the cozy mystery, but they still aren't so common as in some genres.  This means they can be fun and interesting without becoming hackneyed.  Beyond that, I've read and enjoyed Michelle Rowen's books before in other genre's.  She's written paranormal romance (of which I've read Angel with Attitude), paranormal YA fiction (I've read Reign or Shine and Reign Check), paranormal shorts (I've read "Familiar"), contemporary romance, urban fantasy, ... What I didn't read (and man was I a confusing mix of "That figures." and "What? I can't believe it!" once I realized), was the Immortality Bites paranormal romance series which I used to own, but am pretty sure I never read.

As I was reading the book, I felt like there was a back story behind the relationship of Sarah and Thierry.  It simply never occurred to me there might be 5 books worth behind it.  The really unfortunate part is that I have a sneaking suspicion I ended up donating those books.  Now I'll have to check them out at the library.

But perhaps you'd like to hear my thoughts on the book in question?  I enjoyed it.  I like Sarah.  She can be both confident and uncertain depending on the circumstances, which made for a nice balance.  The story itself was interesting.  There is a serial killer vampire in Vegas that needs to be stopped.  I guessed a part but certainly not all of what was going on.

Speaking of Vegas.  The bulk of the book is set there, but it starts in Toronto.  Which is of particular note because Michelle Rowen is from Ontario, qualifying this read for the Canadian Book Challenge 6.

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