Monday, October 29, 2012

Bring on the kids books...

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert (library copy)

This is a great book for fall, and it really inspires imagination.  On each page you're searching the leaves and such for the man, or chicken, or geese, or fish referred to in the story.  Not like hide-and-seek but like searching for shapes in the clouds.

The Very Best Pumpkin by Mark Kimball Moulton; Illustrated by Karen Hillard Good (library copy)

Peter cares for the pumpkins as they grow, including one lone pumpkin that turns into the very best.  Who knew caring for a pumpkin could lead to a great friendship?  The illustrations are lovely and the story is sweet.

Rattlesnake Dance by Jim Arnosky (library copy)

I was checking this in, peeked inside for a line or two, and decided I liked the rhythm of it.  It's fun and kinda makes you want to dance (kid fashion).  There's a song, complete with (written) music, to go with it.  Unfortunately, I've managed to forget how to read music over the years.  I'm sure you can find it online, but this computer doesn't have volume, so ::shrug::

Soup for One by Ethan Long (library copy)

I've read this one over and over.  My niece loves it.  She can count with it as one by one, more bugs join the crowd in the bowl of soup.  I think it's fun to read, especially as the first bug gets more and more upset.  The illustrations look like they've been done on Photoshop, with interesting textures and patterns throughout.  I'll be recommending this at work.

Halloween Crafts by Fay Robinson (library copy)

This should have been on one of the Halloween Children's book posts, but In had misplaced it at the time.  In any case, my niece positively LOVED this book.  She kept bringing it to me to read, even though it's not really the reading sort.  We did variations on the necklace idea and the bat sock puppets.  There are several others I think we could have done given time.  It's apparently part of a series called "Fun Holiday Crafts Kids Can Do!"  I'll definitely be looking for other books in the series.

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