Sunday, October 28, 2012

An Exploration of Halloween Children's Books, Part 2

Since I couldn't fit tags of all the authors, illustrators, etc. I've separated my original post into 2 parts.  The first can be found here.  I'm sure this makes how overboard I went on Halloween books more obvious than ever.

Spooky Hour by Tony Mitton; Illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees (library copy)

This is one of those count-down books (11 witches, 10 ghosts, etc.) that I especially like to read to my niece.  The pictures are cute, and it was fun seeing the different creatures.  I also appreciate books play with descriptive vocabulary for kids...prowling, yowling, growling, rumbling, grumbling, scuttling, cackle... you get the drift.  This is one of those books.

Twelve Haunted Rooms of Halloween by Macky Pamintuan (library copy)

A Halloween version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, I had this one pretty much memorized after oh, three reads?  By the fourth or fifth... I was focusing on the end task of finding 2 snakes, 3 voodoo dolls, etc.  And guess who requested this one multiple times?  You've got it... my niece.  I wonder if she really enjoys books that much or if it's the age (she'll be 4 in a few months).  I think I used to read to my oldest nephew a more than I do now.

Ghosts in the House! by Kazuno Kohura (library copy)

I read this to myself first while browsing on my break.  It was pretty funny, so I knew certain kiddos would like it.  My niece loved how silly it is and I ended up reading it a couple times before I convinced her to get another book.

Halloween Mice! by Bethany Roberts; Illustrated by Doug Cushman (library copy)

I picked this because it was a Halloween board book ( had the youngest nephew in mind), cute, and it has the descriptive vocab I mentioned earlier.  But it didn't seem to attract my niece's attention the way others had, and my nephew hasn't heard it read yet.  I'll have to see...

Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich: And Other Stories You're Sure To Like, Because They're All About Monsters and Some of Them Are Also About Food.: You Like Food Don't You?  Well, All Right Then. by Adam Rex

I found this as amusing as the title makes it sound.  It's full of poems and matching illustrations.  Favorites would be "Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich," the "Phantom of the Opera" series, and (I'm being honest here) Godzilla Pooped on My Honda (because don't you appreciate the title that a 5 year old who got in trouble at preschool for saying poop too much HAS to like?).  I didn't get a chance to read it to my oldest nephew yet (I want to), but my niece heard some toward the beginning and seemed interested, though the books a little above her age level.  It has a staff recommendation at my library that says it's for grades 2-5.


And that's it for now, folks.  Finally.

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