Sunday, October 28, 2012

An Exploration of Halloween Children's Books, Part 1

I went WAY overboard finding Halloween children's books.  Some the kiddos have heard.  Others I've only read to myself.

The House That Witchy Built by Dianne de Las Casas; Illustrated by Holly Stone Barker (library copy)

This is apparently to the "rythmic pattern of the Old Mother Goose tale 'The House That Jack Built'."  I'm unfamiliar with that tale, so I had to guess, but it was still fun to read.  The kiddos haven't heard this one yet, but I think I might try if there is time before Halloween.

Halloween Forest by Marion Dane Bauer; Illustrated by John Shelley (library copy)

The kiddos haven't seen this one yet either, but I enjoyed it so much that I read it aloud a second time just for myself.  I definitely plan on trying this one out with the kiddos.  I think my niece especially will like it.  The kid's attitude seems to match hers.

Into the Pumpkin by Linda Franklin (library copy)

The artwork in this one is intriguing.  Very wispy and gives a nice eerie Halloween feel.  The words are fine, they rhyme and read well, but the story didn't quite catch me.  Except maybe the part about the spiders.  Not kid tested, so I haven't any feedback on that front.

Pumpkin Moon by Tim Preston; Illustrated by Simon Bartram (library copy)

My niece heard this one and I believe there was only one "again!"  Especially frustrating because my ma was on the phone with her doctors so I had to read quietly.  In any case, I believe she was particularly interested in the illustrations of the moon ... even before it was the Pumpkin Moon.

Just Say BOO! by Susan Hood; Illustrated by Jed Henry (library copy)

A coworker recommended this (she actually put it on hold for me and then told me about it).  She said she'd heard it was a great read-a-loud and thought I'd enjoy it.

My niece heard it and said the first boo! before I turned the page or she knew she was supposed to.  It was just naturally right.  She only stopped once the book tricked her and she didn't want to be tricked again.  I read this a few times for her and then for my youngest nephew.

Somehow, he doesn't have books read for him as often as the older two - my bad - but I thought this would be perfect for him.  He's 21 months and has only just started saying a few words (we've been trying sign, and he has a therapist come every week...originally for something else, but she helps with the speech thing too.), but "Boo!" is one of them.

Anyway, it is a great read-a-loud that the kids can participate in.


To be continued because I couldn't fit all the tags in one post...

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