Thursday, November 24, 2011

We've more books to conquer! Onward ho!

I got some more action in my reading this week....

Tangled Threads (Elemental Assassin, Bk 4) by Jennifer Estep (library copy)
Spider's Revenge (Elemental Assassin, Bk 5) by Jennifer Estep (library copy)

I'll say again what I've said before (in case you missed it?)... I favor thief and assassin books.  Since it fits the latter, this series already has a head up.  But on top of that, Gin is a great character.  She can be cool and get the job done, but she has a heart, etc. underneath it all.  I really like her.  And Owen (and I am soo glad she settled into things with him) and the other characters that make up her "family" are just good characters all the way around.  That extends to the bad guys too.  There isn't any quibbling.  No "I like this character even though they're actually supposed to be the bad guy."  No.  These bad guys are straight up despicable.  There's no liking them.  I can't wait to see where the story goes from here in By a Thread.

Defiance  (Strange Angels, Bk 4) by Lili St. Crow aka Lilith Saintcrow (library copy)

I couldn't remember huge chunks of the story with such a gap in time between when I read Jealousy and Defiance.  It took me a bit to catch up and get with the program since St. Crow jumps straight into the action from the very beginning.  I liked the overall story, I especially like Ash.  He's probably my favorite character in the whole book.  I was irritated with Dru that she made this one stupid and, to me, obvious mistake (can't say more without spoilers), but overall she's getting better with her new circumstances.  Now I'm all set to read Reckoning.


  1. I felt that way with Reckoning, but it came back. As a whole, I love the series. Individually, Dru irritated me as well. Other things bothered me too. Still, I loved it.

  2. Hey, Reckoning has arrived - thanks so much! I had to finish the book I was working on first, but now that one's finished and Reckoning, is next...

  3. You are so welcome and I was glad to do it. You are the only other person I know reading this series. Not sure why that's better than some that have gotten loads of press.

    Anyway, I seriously can't wait for your thoughts on the last installment.


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