Thursday, November 17, 2011

Traipsing through my readings... (Can you tell I'm running out of titles?)

Flipped Out (Do-It-Yourself Mystery, Bk 5) by Jennie Bentley (library copy) - This was another enjoyable DIY book despite Derek sometimes being dense to the point of annoying.  I'm looking forward to whatever comes next in the series.

Handbags and Homicide (Haley Randolph Mystery, Bk 1) by Dorothy Howell (library copy) - I was really worried about this book.  I didn't think I'd be able to connect with Haley and her shallowness.  Somehow, though, I not only liked her (and she certainly can be shallow - not to mention LAZY and a bit arrogant), I couldn't wait to read the next installment.

Purses and Poison (Haley Randolph Mystery, Bk 2) by Dorothy Howell (library copy) - I was eager to read more of Haley's story.  At times in this one I thought she was delusional about her "somewhat' boyfriend.  And as for the mystery, she should have been more forthright from the beginning (of course, then the story wouldn't have been what it was).  I look forward to more.  I should be getting the 3rd book, Shoulder Bags and Shootings, as soon as it's returned and I already have book 4, Clutches and Curses, checked out and waiting.

Lost and Fondue (Cheese Shop Mystery, Bk 2) by Avery Aames (library copy) - I liked this one better than the first in the series.  I have absolutely no interest in the cheese part of these, but I am interested in what will happen next with the characters.

Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons (Dixie Hemingway Mystery, Bk 6) by Blaize Clement (library copy) - I like this series, but Blaize Clement always had to include something to irritate me.  This time it was Dixie's dreamworld in which everyone drank water with birth control chemicals until she approved of them and gave the antidote.  Grrr.  Otherwise, it was an enjoyable book with a decent amount of suspense.

Thanksgiving by Janet Evanovich (personal copy) - This was the first romance I've read by Janet Evanovich.  It was a quick, light read.  I liked the main characters.  Some of the smaller characters made an appearance then were shoved off until needed later.  And the ending was somewhat abrupt, but okay.  Overall, I enjoyed it.

"The Clever Detective" by Linsey Lanier (free e-book short story through Sony ReaderStore [also available through Smashwords]) - Very cute, very fun.  I'm definitely going to have to read more by Linsey Lanier.

Tempest in the Tea Leaves (Fortune Teller Mystery, Bk 1) by Kari Lee Townsend (library copy) - I was cautious going in this because books with psychic protagonists can be preachy, and I don't care to be pushed when I'm trying to enjoy a book.  Fortunately, that wasn't a problem with this book.  Sunny could be a bit air-headed (blurting out details in front of people she's trying to get information from and giggling way too much), but she was still likable.  I didn't like the lead detective as much, but he wasn't bad.  Sunny's parents were annoying, but took huge breaks between scenes, so tolerable.  In fact, my only real complaint would be the nickname Detective Mitch Stone gives Sunny - Tink.  Tink is what Derek calls Avery in the DIY cozy mystery series.  I would have preferred a more original nickname be used for Sunny (if any).


  1. I'm starting to think about Christmas-themed books, but didn't think about Thanksgiving! :)

  2. I can't truly read Christmas before Thanksgiving. Unless it's one of those that has both in the book.

  3. Thanks for posting - I'll check some of these out.

  4. Jo, I get ya. For some reason, I'm feeling the season a bit early this year. Could be because I'm wishing for cooler temps. Can you believe we're still running the AC down here? Every time cooler weather pays us a visit, someone around here scares it away.

  5. Ann - Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy whichever caught your interest. =)

    J. Kaye - It has cooled down up here, but there's been a lot of seesawing. 40s one day 70s the next. Crazy. One day I could have sworn we were heading into spring, and we haven't even had winter! Hope you get your cooler weather. Do you have a suspect for who's doing the scaring?

  6. Jo, no suspect, but if I find the guilty party, I'm moving them to southern FL. :)

  7. LoL. Just saw this in my awaiting moderation comments and I couldn't figure out what on earth you were talking about. I had to see it in context.

    But about the suspect... good luck with that. Hope for their sake they aren't too attached to their current home. ;p


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