Friday, November 4, 2011

Moving Along...

How to Moon a Cat  (Cats and Curios Mystery, Bk 3) by Rebecca M. Hale (personal copy - purchased at Borders closing sale) - Better than book 2.  It was still from a plethora of perspectives including some odd one such as bricks in a wall and the moon.  Despite being better than book 2, I won't be reading more of this series.

No Such Thing as Dragons by Phillip Reeve (library copy) - Cute.  I enjoyed it.  I do wish it had ended differently, mostly because I had all sorts of ideas about how it could end while I was reading and the author didn't choose any of them. =)  Anyway, it's always a pleasure reading the occasional Children's book.  They can be such fun.

Clockwork Angel  (Infernal Devices, Bk 1) by Cassandra Clare (personal copy - purchased at Borders closing sale) - Interesting.  I was first drawn to the cover, which I fell in love with the first time I saw it over a year ago.  I have the first 3 of the Mortal Instrument series, but I'm waiting to read them until after I've read this series.  It's the whole prequel thing.

While I'm summing up my reading I should mention another author whose book's I've been enjoying.  Anna Dewdney.  Over the past month or two I've had the chance to read several of her children's books.  VERY cute.  I've enjoyed them and shared them with my family, esp. my 4 y.o. nephew and 2 y.o. niece.

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  1. I loved Cassandra Clare's book too and I was sort of surprised since I didn't like book one of the Mortal Instrument series.

    BTW, the Strange Angel book came in. Don't forget to send me your shipping info and I'll get it out to you when I'm done. I plan on starting tonight or tomorrow night.


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