Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Fine Day You're Gonna Die

Title: One Fine Day You're Gonna Die

Author: Gail Bowen

Publisher: Raven Books Rapid Reads

Copyright Date: 2010

ISBN: 9781554693375

Pages: 93

Series: 2nd story featuring late-night radio host Charlie D.

Book Description (from back cover):
It will take all of Chalie D's skills to keep this Halloween from being another "Day of the Dead."

Charlie D is back doing his late-night radio call-in show. It's Halloween — The Day of the Dead. His studio guest this evening is Dr. Robin Harris, an arrogant and ambitious "expert in the arts of dying and grieving." Charlie and Dr. Harris do not hit it off. Things go from bad to worse when the doctor's ex-lover goes on air to announce that he's about to end his life.

I was told to take a break and walk around at work. So I did, right past the new fiction. Where my attention was drawn to this book. I grabbed it, thinking to read a line or two and see if it might be interested. Next thing I know, I'm checking it out, reading it throughout my lunch break, and getting right back to it as soon as I'm home.

It was quick and engaging. I was immediately caught up by the characters and the story. I don't know if it was the author, Gail Bowen, the short format consistent with Rapid Reads (from what I gather, these books are intended for reluctant readers or those with literacy issues), or the fact that the whole story took place within a two hour timeframe. Whatever the case, I enjoyed reading One Fine Day You're Gonna Die. I made a point of looking for (and reading) the first Charlie D story, Love You To Death, and look forward to reading more.

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