Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eggs Benedict Arnold

Title: Eggs Benedict Arnold

Author: Laura Childs

Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime Mystery

Copyright Date: 2009

Print Date: December 2009

ISBN: 9780425231555

Pages: 304 + Recipes

Series: 2nd of the Cackleberry Club Mystery series

Book Description (from back cover):
The author of the Scrapbooking and Tea Shop mysteries cooks up another delicious mystery featuring friendship, murder, and one spectacular breakfast after another.

Suzanne, Toni, and Petra lost their husbands but found independence — and, in each other, a life raft of support, inspiration, fresh baked goods, and their own business. But when the Cackleberry Club café opened its doors in the town of Kindred, who'd have guessed that the three women would be working a double shift as amateur sleuths?


When Suzanne stops by the local funeral home to deliver a pie to funeral director Ozzie Driesden, she discovers him not working at the embalming table but lying on the embalming table. She barely has time to recognize his corpse before she's drugged with chloroform. With more suspects than breakfast specials, the Cackleberry Club scrambles to crack the case before one of their own ends up six feet under.

I really loved the first Cackleberry Club book (Eggs in Purgatory). I even ::gasp:: tried two of the recipes. (Christmas baking with my grandmother and sister. Let me tell you, the blond brownies were awesome.) I really wish I'd either read these closer together (bc I actually read the 1st back in February 2009) or re-read it. I found I had forgotten a lot of the background story.

Other than some fumbling trying to remember the background details and characters, I enjoyed this story as well. I wish there was something like the Cackleberry Club around here. Based on the description, I think I'd really enjoy visiting a place like that.

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