Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A belated Saturday Spotlight

So Lori (@ Lori's Reading Corner) has started a new meme called the Saturday Spotlight where various book related topics will be "spotlighted." I'm late coming, but wanted to participate anyway.

So for this week, as the first, the spotlight is on ourselves.

I'm 25yo, from the Midwest (US). I did live in Australia (Brisbane...attended Griffith Uni) for a whoppin' 4 1/2 mo in 2005. I have to mention that because it's my one big adventure. =) I love travel, but don't get to do much of it (costs money, ya know?). I'm an animal lover in general, and have two cats, Beth-el and Jeu'el (from the local humane society) of my own. I'm also aunt to a 2yo nephew and 1yo niece. I went to school to become a librarian (I have a MLS), but remain unemployed. I call myself a student (I went back for more), but even that's coming to an end (2 finals on Thursday).

What else? I love music; I tend to wake up with a song in my head. I love the emotion behind it, but I'm bad about actually listening to the lyrics. I enjoy movies, have sampled crocheting (after reading Monica Ferris's Needlecraft Mysteries), and of course I have something of an attachment to the computer and Internet. I despise cooking. I feel like it's a waste of my time, but I don't seem to feel the same way about spending hours at a time daydreaming (which I can, and have, done).

ETA: And apparently I have a love for parenthetical statements.

What I read...

I'll try most everything. Mostly I read mysteries (primarily cozy), fantasy (high, urban, dark), and romance (contemp, paranormal, historical)... but I'll toss in the occassional inspirational, chick lit, thriller, sci fi, ... I've even read a few westerns. The one genre I will not read is erotica. I tend to prefer fiction, but I've been venturing out and sampling some non-fiction here and there. Of those, I think (since I'm still in wee numbers) I prefer memoir/biography types. Maybe history, too, but I need a larger sample to really say.

Oh, and the bulk of my reading is adult, but I have no problem reading YA (esp. since so much of the paranormal I love is now YA), and I love reading children's books. With my niece and nephew, yes, but also for myself. Children's book can be so cute, charming, and fun.

As for how I got into blogging...

I discovered PBS (paperbackswap) in May 2007, "met" Lori when she hosted a newbie swap, started visiting her blog (I don't know when) to stalk her WL (as it was the most up-to-date list I could find of not-yet-published cozy mysteries). I don't know what exactly prompted me to start my own blog December 2008 (something to do with keeping better track of what I was reading, I think), but I doubt it would have happened if I hadn't started visiting Lori (and various other PBSers' blogs discovered via her blog) first.


  1. Just hopping by and have become a new follower. Please feel free to visit me and do the same here .

    What a great post. It was so nice to learn all about you, and your cats are so cute.

  2. Thanks! And I look forward to visiting.


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