Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bundle of Trouble

Title: Bundle of Trouble

Author: Diana Orgain

Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime Mystery

Copyright Date: 2009

Print Date: August 2009

ISBN: 9780425229248

Pages: 296

Series: 1st of the Maternal Instincts Mystery series

Book Description (from back cover):
First-time mom Kate Connolly may have found the perfect work-from-home Mommy job: Private Investigator. After all, the hours are flexible, she can bring the baby along on stake-outs, and if you’re going to be up all night anyway, you might as well solve some crimes…

Kate imagined she’d spend her maternity leave crooning lullabies and snuggling her beautiful new baby. But then she receives a disturbing phone call telling her that a body has been pulled from San Francisco Bay, and the police think it may be her brother-in-law.

Now, in addition to trying to solve the mystery of how one six-pound baby can generate ten times her weight in laundry, Kate finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation with multiplying victims. And when her husband is detained in connection with the crimes, Kate must crack the case faster than you can say “diaper rash” to keep her little family together...

This was an enjoyable read. I seem to have a fondness for reading cozies with characters sleuthing and doing the mother thing too. Maybe because I have no intentions of becoming a sleuth or mother, and this allows me to experience both. =)

Anyway, Kate has a pretty supportive (though, of course, not perfect) husband, which is another plus. I really liked the PI, the ma was good, and while not much was seen of the BFF, there were hints that she'll be a fun character too.

I seem to be reading a lot of "1st in series" cozies, and I enjoy seeing teh way the author prepares for the main character(s) to have reason to investigate in the future (I may have to do a blog post on that). In any case, I thought the senario presented in this was interesting.

Woman has baby. Woman loves being a mom. Woman isn't ready for maternity leave to end and regular job to start. Woman wishes to find a career that allows for a flexible schedule and plenty of mothering time, but also a break when feeling overwhelmed. Sleuthing opportunity and potential teacher ... to help lessen (or at least correct) fumbling and stupid mistakes ... fall in woman's lap.

Series here we come.

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