Saturday, January 10, 2009

On the topic of free books...

Since money seems to be such an issue with me lately, I thought I'd mention some free e-book opportunities I've come across. Now, I'm not a big e-book fan myself. In fact, I've never made it through a full length e-book before. But I'm going to start trying.

A little over a year ago I discovered the Baen Free Library. Some authors published by Baen have chosen/agreed to make some of their books (again, published by Baen) available for free in e-format. They can change which books they offer, they can decide how long they remain available... their choice, but it means free books (outside of the physical library) for readers. And the books are offered in: HTML, Rich Text, Microsoft Reader, Palm, Psion, and Window CE Reader, and Rocket eBook. Being unfamiliar with e-books, all I really understand about this is that I can use my computer. =)
Baen Free Library can be found at:

Beginning January 29th there is an opportunity to download up to 16 free e-books from Harlequin in celebration of Harlequin's 60th birthday.
Details can be found at:

AUTHOR MELANIE LYNNE HAUSER offering a free (ARC?) e-book called Jumble Pie. You provide your email addy, click on a quick confirmation email, and receive a PDF of this book. Simple. I certainly intend to take advantage of this offer, e-book or no.
Jumble Pie free e-book offer can be found at:

I know pretty much nothing about Suze Orman, but until January 15th, 2009 (Thursday) her book Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan is available for free download, as a PDF file, in English or Spanish. Seemed appropriate to mention this one considering the topic.
Found at:

Of course, libraries are a great source of free reading material in most formats. I know some public libraries will also allow patrons to download audio books to their computers for free. You can burn them and all, you just have to agree to personal use restrictions...

Speaking of... to be on the safe side, I'll 'say' the obvious. I'm not encouraging illegal distribution, etc., etc. Please read any guidelines/rules/restrictions before downloading these... Oh, and not that anyone is actually reading this (heeeeeellllooooooooo out there! ::echoes::), but if by chance, someone is, feel free to comment about any free book (or e-book or audio book) opportunities you're aware of.

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