Saturday, March 11, 2017


Title: Wonder

Author: R. J. Palacio [Website][Twitter] aka Raquel J. Palacio

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf

ISBN: 9780375869020

Length: 313 pages

Obtained: Library book club copy

Why this book?:

Picked as a book club book for one of the many book clubs I'm in.


Auggie was born with severe facial differences and has gone through a series of corrective surgeries, but still looks very different from the typical 10-year-old boy.  His parents have decided it is time for him to go to school (rather than being homeschooled) for middle school.  This means learning how to navigate in the world where kids can be mean without the protection his family has always afforded him.

I found Wonder to be an interesting book.  Auggie was a very likable boy, occasionally being mopey and having "woe-is-me" moments, but he is only 10 (not to mention everything he had been through) so that made him more realistic.  The book offers great insight into how the phrase "it's the inside that counts" might be very true, so there is a moral to it all, along with issues of bullying, etc.

Auggie's family's dog, Daisy reminded me greatly of a dog we had... in all ways from the name to rolling over for belly rubs, to certain events in the book.  So much so that I don't remember how she was physically described, I just pictured my family's Daisy.

Anyway, at least one part had me sobbing, but I can't say what or why without spoilers.

I missed the book club, so I don't know what the others thought, but while writing this I was trying to remember who from Star Wars Auggie was compared to.  When I was looking in the book (I like Star Wars but I'm horrible with names) to see who it was and find a picture, I decided I want to re-read the book.  I figure that says something.

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