Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Last Detective

Title: The Last Detective

Author: Peter Lovesey [Website]; Introduction by Louise Penny [Website][Facebook]

Publisher: SOHO Crime

Series: Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond, Bk 1

ISBN: 9781616955304

Length: 382 pages

Obtained: SOHO sent copies for my book club to discuss

Why this book?: See above.  But also, it sounded interesting and was the first in a series (always a perk).


I enjoyed reading this story in a distant reflective way, I guess.  Peter Diamond doesn't feel like someone the reader gets close to any more than the men he works with (though I did like him).  I spent much of the story hoping he'd get past his pride and still make the break that solves the case.

As for the mystery itself, I wondered about the culprit, but had dismissed it.  I guess this is a procedural, which I read less of and have not adjusted to as much.  But the story was interesting when they had the various people of interest in for questioning.  I wonder how this became an extended series with how this one ended, so I would be interested in reading more.

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