Sunday, December 11, 2016


Title: Fuzzy

Author: Tom Angleberger [Website][Twitter] and Paul Dellinger [Facebook]

Publisher: Amulet Books

ISBN: 9781419721229

Length: 254 pages

Obtained: ARC received at BEA

Why this book?:

I selected it at the time because my nephew, while still younger than the targeted 8-12 range (he's 5 and a preschooler) was obsessed with robots for years.  So robots automatically draw my attention.  Too bad I didn't know his new obsession would be flytraps because I could have picked up an ARC for Inspector Flytrap by Tom Angleberger and his wife Cece Bell.  Oh, well.  Now I'll be checking that out from the library.  Anyway...


I found it very easy to quickly become engaged by this book.  I started it when I should have been getting some sleep at around midnight and finished it a couple hours later that same night (or should I say morning?).

Max and Fuzzy are both very likable.  I was also intrigued by the futuristic setting, horrified by the robot nightmare come true Vice Principle Barbara, and incredibly annoyed at Max's parents.  Why wouldn't they actually listen to her instead of assuming the reports they received from the school were always in the right?  The injustice of them never even questioning the reports (nor waiting for an actual answer on those occasions that they did question) bothered me greatly that.

When I went to write this post up and realized this is a sci-fi book, I was surprised.  I don't have anything against scifi books, really, but I tend to gravitate toward fantasy and magic over futuristic science.

I look forward to reading more by these authors.  I know I have some catching up to do.

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