Thursday, September 22, 2016

Savage plus bonus "Bounties: The Candy Heiress"

Title: Savage

Author: R.A. Jones [WizardWorld]; Illustrated by Ted Slampyak [Website][Facebook]

Publisher: Caliber Comics

Series: Savage, Issues # 1-5

Length: 122 pages

Obtained: Online digital holding

Why this book?:

I enjoyed the Jazz Age Chronicles by Ted Slampyak and this sounded intriguing.


Before slaying her, Christian Savage agrees to tell a modern female vampire about his past in the Wild West including his scar, his parentage, and his vampire slaying mission.

I'm not a comic connoisseur, so I can't give much critique to this.  But I found it interesting in a strange way.


Bounties: The Candy Heiress by David Watkins; Illustrated by Ted Slampyak [Website][Facebook] featuring Saddlebag Jones

Um. Okay.  I didn't expect a completely unrelated story, and so it threw me off.

It was kind of silly, actually, in the premise. Rich girl runs off to try her luck in the Wild West, and Saddlebag Jones is sent to fetch her.  In the meantime the heiress pitches a fit when not everyone is on board with her experiencing the west and all it stereotypically entails (drink, gambling, etc.)... I won't tell you more, lest I spoil too much, but yes, I think silly is an accurate description.

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