Friday, August 19, 2016

Grimm's Fairy Tales

Title: Grimm's Fairy Tales

Author: Jacob Grimm [Bio.] & Wilhelm Grimm [Bio.]

Read by:
Katherine Kellgren [Audiofile][Facebook][Twitter]
January LaVoy [Website][Audiofile][Twitter]
Simon Vance [Website][Audiofile][Facebook][Twitter]
Grover Gardner [Website][Audiofile]
Kate Rudd [Website][Audiofile][Facebook]
Jim Dale [Website][Audiofile]
Alfred Molina [Audiofile][Twitter]
Janis Ian [Website][Facebook][Twitter]
Graeme Malcolm [Audiofile]
Scott Brick [Website][Audiofile][Facebook][Twitter]
Bahni Turpin [Audiofile][Facebook][Twitter]
Davina Porter [Audiofile]
Dion Graham [Audiofile]
Edoardo Ballerini [Website][Audiofile][Facebook][Twitter]
Jayne Entwistle [Website][Audiofile][Twitter]
Luke Daniels [Website][Facebook][Twitter]
Roy Dotrice [Website]
Julia Whelan [Website][Audiofile][Facebook]
Kirby Heyborne [Website][Audiofile][Facebook][Twitter]
Mark Bramhall [Website][Audiofile][Twitter]
Robin Miles [Website][Audiofile][Facebook][Twitter]
Publisher: Listening Library (Random House)

ISBN: 9780147526380

Length: 3 discs ; 3 hours, 38 minutes

Obtained: Library copy

Why this book?:

I already have an interest in fairy tales.  But also this received WONDERFUL reviews and is performed by an award-winning cast.


I haven't ever read the actual Grimm Fairy Tales.  I'm more familiar with other variations (particularly Disney, but also others).  I was not familiar with all the tales and especially all the actual details and endings.  I found them fascinating, especially the gruesome bits.  I'd really like to read (or preferably listen to) the rest, as these are a selection from The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales (though unabridged in the telling of the stories chosen).  I was especially interested in some of the variations ("The Twelve Brothers" and "The Six Swans", for instance).

As for the narration - it definitely lived up to the hype, for which I am exceedingly pleased.

I didn't get a chance to listen to this with the kiddos, and it has holds.  But perhaps I'll check it out again to share with the kiddos.

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