Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tower of Thorns

The following was typed prior to 12/16/2015.  I've added the cover image, but otherwise, I'm just going to post it as is...

Oh, did Blackthorn ever annoy me in this one, while Grim was able to step up even more.  They remain a partnership, but sometimes Blackthorn seemed to forget that.

Traveling as far as they could without breaking Blackthorn's agreement, they went to help with the curse and/or being associated with the Tower of Thorns.  But there is manipulation and secrets afoot from multiple directions.  I am never a fan of manipulation and secrets.  And selfishness too.  But alas, there it is.

But Blackthorn is still clever and wise.  That is the nature of being a wise woman after all.  And Grim remains solid, except when he isn't.  And during those times he is still faithful and true.  Qualities I really admire.

But while Prince Oran (the third perspective in Dreamer's Pool), was generally a good guy, Lady Geiléis (the third perspective in Tower of Thorns) failed to gain my respect (or sympathy) from start to finish.

Tower of Thorns
Juliet Marillier [Website][Facebook]
Blackthorn & Grim, Bk 2
415 pages

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