Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Apologies and The Curse of Jacob Tracy

Well I've been a poor blogger again.  I have some posts that have been sitting at various stages of completion and a stack of books waiting to be added before they can be put back on my shelves.  I just don't know when that will actually happen.

I suppose my blogging days may  be at an end; that would be a shame.  My blog served a purpose, but it can't fulfill that purpose if I forget what the books I read are even about in the time it takes me to post about them.  And some of my more recent reads get lost in the long line of books to be posted on.

So I'll try to post as I read, and not worry about the backlog.  Maybe I can do better.

And that being said, I am currently reading The Curse of Jacob Tracy by Holly Messinger (published by Thomas Dunne books).  I'm enjoying it.  Set in parts that feel like a serial (suiting its historical nature), it makes a historical/western/paranormal fantasy/mystery blend.

I like the primary characters, Trace (Jacob Tracy), Boz (John Bosley), and Miss Sabine Fairweather, though I do not always agree with their actions.  Trace tends to shy away where I feel he should step up.  Boz doesn't fully support the way I'd like him to, letting occasional bitterness (perhaps valid considering he's black American in the 1880) get in the way.  And Miss Fairweather (as Trace points out) is too secretive and holds back too much (though Boz has the same issue with Trace).

Because of the serial aspect, Trace (and fellows) face multiple evils connected by an overall evil master.  This along with the action and scenes had me thinking this would make for an excellent graphic novel.  Seems to me, the images presented, the dialogue, the flow of the story... even the good versus evil with some occasional blurring gray areas would all do well in that format.

Anyway, I haven't reached the end (I'm on page 272 of 308), but so far I'm very glad I requested it after reading a review in a professional journal (can't remember which one).  And I'm very glad I didn't wait to pick it up and start reading.   Which I should be getting back to now.  The tension is building...

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