Sunday, January 24, 2016

Catching Up (Kinda/Sorta?)

I've been reading like crazy, and I can't keep up with myself.

Re-reading Tessa Dare's Any Duchess Will Do prompted me to re-read the other book I obtained by her at the 2014 ALA Annual Convention (that I had read but not posted about), Romancing the Duke (1st in the Castles Ever After series).

Then I went back to catch up some with the earlier Spindle Cove books that I had never read.  So I got on OverDrive and read A Night to Surrender. But the library didn't already have the rest on ebook yet, so while I was waiting for my request to go through, I read the Stud Club books...
     1. One Dance with a Duke
     2. Twice Tempted by a Rogue
     3. Three Nights with a Scoundrel

     Then I read Once Upon a Winter's Eve, A Week to Be Wicked, and A Lady By Midnight in ebook format.

Mix in some ILL print books by Annie Bellet that I intend to go over in a different post (Pack of Lies and Hunting Season)

And a slew of Seanan McGuire books...

     From the InCryptid series (all in ebook format):
     1. Discount Armageddon 
     2. Midnight Blue-Light Special 
     3. Half-Off Ragnarok 
     4. Pocket Apocalypse

     And a print copy of Indexing that the library already owned.

     (Note: I've read all titles currently available in the October Daye series in 2015.  Apparently I never posted them, because "Seanan McGuire" is a new tag.)

I'm waiting for the library to get in The Twenty-Sided Sorceress:  Justice Calling; Murder of Crows; Pack of Lies; Hunting Season; Heartache; Thicker Than Blood; Magic to the Bone which I guess is supposed to come out in June and to purchase Reflections (next in the Indexing series and released this month) so I went on to read (and just finished) Jennifer Estep's Cold Burn of Magic (ebook).

While I wait for my request for the ebook Dark Heart of Magic to be approved and become available, I'll be catching up with Estep's Mythos books, beginning with where I left off, Crimson Frost.  I don't remember all the story line, but I'm sure I'll recall over the 4 books remaining in the series.

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