Sunday, September 6, 2015


Title: Uncaged

Author: John Sandford [Website][Facebook][Twitter] and Michele Cook (John Sandford's wife.  I didn't find any dedicated websites) ; Read by Tara Sands [Website][IMDb][Facebook][Twitter]

Publisher: Listening Library

Series: Singular Menace, Bk 1

ISBN: 9780553395518 ; 9780553395501

Length: 11 hours, 44 minutes ; 10 discs

Obtained: Library downloadable and CD versions

Why this book?:

It sounded interesting and I needed something to listen to on a road trip for work back in May.  (It turns out I also have the ARC print from the 2014 C2E2, but it wasn't the right timing apparently).


I was quickly caught up in the story and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The 2nd book, Outrage, wasn't out yet when I finished this, and the delay meant I was caught up in others books/series by the time it did come out, but I will be listening to it as well as the 3rd book, Rampage, eventually.

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