Monday, September 7, 2015

Letters from Skye

Title: Letters from Skye

Author: Jessica Brockmole [Website][Facebook][Twitter] ; Read by Elle Newlands [IMDb][Twitter], Katy Townsend [Website][IMDb][Twitter], Lincoln Hoppe [Website][IMDb][Facebook][Twitter], Adam Alexi-Malle [IMDb][Facebook], and Guy Burnet [Website][IMDb]

Publisher: Books on Tape

ISBN: 9780385367646

Length: Approx. 8 hrs ; 7 discs

Obtained: Library audiobook copy

Why this book?:

For my book discussion, but also because I've been wanting to read it since I first heard about it before publication.


I have to say, I am so glad I read this in audio format - despite being a bit more romance than I prefer with my audiobooks.  Because the accents/voices  were GREAT.  I haven't listened to many multi-narrated books, but I loved how each character had their own voice.  They were very distinct and came to life in my mind.

I had mixed feelings about this story.  I had some moral issues with it, but beyond that it was nice.  At first every time Margaret's story came up I was eager to get back to Elspeth, but by the time Elspeth "disappeared" I was really into Margaret's side of the story.

Anyway, glad I listened to this.

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