Sunday, August 30, 2015

Library Wars: Love & War

Title: Library Wars: Love & War

Author: Kiiro Yumi (Original Concept by Hiro Arikawa [IMDb])

Publisher: Shojo Beat Manga

Series: Volumes 1, 2, and 3

ISBN: 9781421534886, 9781421534893, 9781421534909

Obtained: Library copies

Why these books?: 

Uh, library manga.  I had to try it.


Iku Kasahara is joining the Library Defense Force, a group designed to save books from censorship under a special law so they can remain accessible by all.  The federal government is on a continual mission to destroy all books not considered "appropriate" and the Library Act (and Library Defense Force upholding it) is the only legal recourse.  It a fascinating scenario - definite parallels with Fahrenheit 451.  It has the usual angsty is he like my hero that I can't remember the face of (crush-material) or is he the opposite?

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