Friday, July 31, 2015

The Little Paris Bookshop

Title: The Little Paris Bookshop

Author: Nina George

Publisher: Crown Publishers

ISBN: 9780553418774

Length: 370 pages + "Recipes" + "Jean Perdu's Emergency Literary Pharmacy: From Adams to Von Arnim"

Obtained: Library copy

Why this book?:

The book aspect appealed to me.


In some ways this book really bothered me.  Morally, for instance.  (We are going to ignore the fact that I apparently have no problem reading books with assassins and thieves for protagonists.)  Or the fact that Jean Perdu has become so withdrawn and depressed and gloomy like.  (How is it that he can bring comfort and company to others?  Maybe because he doesn't go on about the gloom and doom thoughts, but keeps them to himself.)

In other ways (primarily the book related ways), I found it enchanting.  A book store on the water, a cat in residence, prices adjusted to the need of the person... sounds lovely.  I am not as sure about the title choices, but oh well.  The ability to just pick up and go.  To have an adventure and just let whatever is going to happen, happen.

Perhaps my mixed feelings come from this being one of those general fiction/literature type deals.  But I suppose it is good to venture out on occasion.  And it brought me to consider books in a different light.

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