Saturday, November 8, 2014

Murder in the Mystery Suite

Title: Murder in the Mystery Suite

Author: Ellery Adams [Website][Facebook] aka J.B. Stanley aka Jennifer Stanley

Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime Mystery

Series: Book Retreat Mystery, Bk 1

ISBN: 9780425265598

Length: 277 pages

Obtained: Library copy

Why this book?:

I requested the library purchase it and decided to read it because 1) it's a cozy mystery, 2) it's a book about books, 3) it's about a book retreat (and how awesome does that sound?), 4) it focuses mystery books.

Note: I read the print and ebook editions of this book. 


I had a LOT of trouble finishing this.  It was going along well enough, but once I stopped reading (I had to return my copy for a hold) it was incredibly difficult to get back into it.  Then there was another interruption, and the problem repeated.  This means it was hard to judge if the story was too slow or what.

I do know that some of the characters that I'm sure were intended to be charming (namely Jane's aunt and uncle), rubbed me the wrong way.  And the potential romantic interest felt like he was just stuck in there.  He certainly did not play much of a role in the book.

On the other hand, Storyton Hall and the village of Storyton both sounded wonderful.  I would love to visit.

Anyway, I wish I could give a glowing review, but whatever the reason, this book didn't do it for me.  I'll definitely try the 2nd book.  Hopefully, it was just poor timing this time around.  I know I enjoyed the Collectible Mysteries under the name J.B. Stanley.


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