Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Silkworm

Title: The Silkworm

Author: Robert Galbraith [Website] aka J. K. Rowling [Website] aka Joanne Rowling ; Read by Robert Glenister [IMDb]

Publisher: Hachette Audio / Mulholland Books

Series: Cormoran Strike, Bk 2

ISBN: 9781478980902

Length: 14 discs ; 17.5 hours

Obtained: Library copy

Why this book?:

I read and enjoyed the first.  I wanted more of Cormoran and Robin.


So I switched to audio format for this one.  It's not something I usually do, but the downloadable audio was the first available. Then it expired before I finished.  I tried to read the print book (which came next), but now that I had started it in audio, I needed to finish it that way.  By the time the Audio CD version came to me I didn't remember where I had left off.  I skimmed (listened here and there) my way through discs 4 - 11 before I found where I had actually left off.  In other words, my reading experience was a bit different.

Anyway, in this book Strike is still getting semi-regular business from the commotion the Lula Landry case created (see The Cuckoo's Calling).  But he's not really interested in it until Leonora Quine comes in wanting him to find her husband.  This brings him into the publishing world.  And what a crazy view of the publishing world it is... I hope it's as fictional as the murder mystery.

Robin is still tweaking her role in Strike's firm.  Which is fine as long as it goes the way I want it to.  Which is her being an irreplaceable part of his business.  Though I have to say, both Strike and Robin need to work on their communication skills.  I feel a little silly for speaking of them as if they are real, but that's the sign of good characters, right?

Great characters, fine mystery... I look forward to book 3, and am so excited to know more are expected.  Now I just have to figure out if I'm going back to print or sticking with audio.  Speaking of which, the narrator did a great job with the many characters.

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