Monday, August 4, 2014

Unshapely Things

Title: Unshapely Things

Author: Mark Del Franco [Website][Facebook]

Publisher: ACE Fantasy

Series: Connor Grey, Bk 1

ISBN: 9780441014774

Length: 305 pages

Obtained: Personal copy - I'm unsure of where I got it.  My best bet would be

Why this book?:

I've read it before years ago.  I knew I enjoyed it, and I wanted to continue with the series (most of which I also own ), but I needed a refresher as I had forgotten most of the story.


Well, first, I had forgotten that Connor is a druid.  It was interesting to compare his world to the one found in Kevin Hearne's books.  They are very different.  Apparently Connor was a powerful dud e working for the powerful entity - the Guild.  But then there was an incident and he no longer has his full powers (or at least no longer has access to them), and now he's scraping by doing occasional consulting for the Boston P.D.

Which leads to this current case of male prostitute fairies being murdered.  So Connor tries to figure out just who this murder could be, and he doesn't stop when everyone else seems to be done with the case.

I've already started the 2nd book in the series, Unquiet Dreams.

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