Monday, May 5, 2014

Scandal in Skibbereen

Title: Scandal in Skibbereen

Author: Sheila Connolly [Website][Facebook] aka Sarah Atwell [Berkley Prime Crime]

Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime Mystery

Series: County Cork Mystery, Bk 2

ISBN: 9780425252505

Length: 294 pages

Obtained: Library copy

Why this book?:
I've enjoyed Sheila's Museum Mystery series, I've been interested in reading this series for awhile, but I finally started doing so when I saw the County Cork Mysteries by Sheila Connolly are the selection for the April Cozy Mystery Book Club on A Cozy Girl Reads.  I read the first book, Buried in a Bog, and now it was time to read this one.


Maura is staying on in County Cork indefinitely as she deals with becoming the owner of a house and pub.  She has been adjusting to the flow of things, dealing with some hard feelings, and generally living her new life when in stumbles an obnoxious American making demands and apparently looking down on everyone in this slow and bumbling place (her attitude if not her actual words).

Said American, Althea, needs to find gentry in the area that might have a full-size painting by a famous artist that is worth quite a bit and - if she can get it validated - will make her career.  Unfortunately someone working at the house where the painting may be has been murdered and Althea is suspect.  Maura has ended up tangled in Althea's quest and has the role of tempering Althea's offensive comments, and, therefore, has become enmeshed in the investigation for who the real killer could be.

I enjoyed the story, and this may be very American of me, but I didn't dislike Althea the way most of the characters in the book did.  Anyway, like the first book in the series, there's a lovely sit down chat while everything that has happened is discussed leading up to the discovery of what happened and the identity of the murderer.  I look forward to the 3rd book in the series, whatever that may be.

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