Monday, February 17, 2014

Cozy Cull [12] - Autographed Throw in the Trowel by Kate Collins #giveaway

According to Merriam-Webster:
Definition of CULL
1 : to select from a group : choose  
2 : to reduce or control the size of (as a herd) by removal (as by hunting) of especially weaker animals; also : to hunt or kill (animals) as a means of population control
The plan is:
  1. Each week I read one of the MANY cozy mysteries I have among my personal books.  
  2. I write a post about it. 
  3. Then I offer it in a giveaway in order to cull my "herd" of cozies... as "a means of population control."
 Please spread the word, even if you've already read this week's book. 

This week I have book 15 in the Flower Shop Mystery series, Throw in the Trowel by Kate Collins (published February 2014).  

I still haven't read beyond the first 3 books in this series so far (you can find my thoughts on them here), but I will.

From Goodreads:
I’m used to buried bulbs, not buried bodies…

The couple that sleuths together…

Flower Shop owner Abby Knight has just returned from a romantic honeymoon with the man of her dreams. There’s no reason for the bloom to be off the rose just because she and Marco are returning to normal life. But when Marco discovers a skeleton buried in the basement of his bar, it is a bit of a mood killer.

When the body is identified as a carpenter who went missing back in the 1970s, Abby and Marco decide to cultivate the clues to solve the cold case. What could be more romantic? But the deeper they dig, the more desperate the murderer grows. And if Marco and Abby don’t unearth the killer’s identity, they may not live to see their first anniversary.
It's all in the terms and conditions, but in case you missed those...
Giveaway ends Thursday, February 27th (11:59 pm CT). I'll give the winner 48 hours from the time of notification to respond before I move on to someone else. The winner will be announced here once I've received a reply to my email.

It's not required, but feel free to comment!

And the winner is... Elissa!


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    1. To enter, please enter your email address in the form. Email is required for contact and to exchange information such as the mailing address.

  2. Entered, thanks -- this is one of my favorite series.

  3. Haven't read any in this series but sounds like fun:) Thanks for the giveaway!


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