Friday, May 4, 2012

Kate Collins and the Flower Shop Mysteries

Mid April (I am very behind), I had the opportunity to see Kate Collins aka Linda Tsoutsouris speak at a fund-raiser for my library.  I was SO excited.  In preparation for the event, I started reading Kate's Flower Shop mysteries, which I've been collecting for awhile but had yet to read.  I managed to read the first two and get a start of the third before hearing her.  I finished the third afterwards.  Continuing the series is a given (I still have several more waiting), but I took a break to read some other books, genres, and authors.  In the meantime, these are my belated impressions of the first three...

Mum's the Word (Flower Shop Mystery, Bk 1) by Kate Collins (personal copy - ex-library copy from a library local to a former residence) -

I have to say my biggest impression of these is influenced by the setting.  I'm familiar with the town this was set in and could picture it when it was described.  In fact, that familiarity game me a little thrill.  Beyond that, I enjoyed it for what it is... a light cozy mystery.  Abby Knight gets involved in murders because she's a meddler.  If you've followed my blog you may know meddling is not one of my favorite traits in characters.  Nevertheless, I still liked Abby.

Slay It with Flowers (Flower Shop Mystery, Bk 2) by Kate Collins (library ebook) -

A co-worker noted that these books pick up where the previous book left of (as opposed to say, a year has passed) which I suspect makes it easier to read together than with great pauses while waiting for the next to be published... put that's a bridge I'll cross when I come to it.  What it means for now is that Abby is running into a lot of dead bodies in a short amount of time.
Dearly Depotted (Flower Shop Mystery, Bk 3) by Kate Collins (personal copy - purchased used) -

Abby is at her annoying cousin Jillian's wedding reception when she (or rather Jillian's new grandmother-in-law that Abby's supposed to be keeping track of) finds someone who's been murdered.  By this point, Jillian has managed to completely annoy the local police with her meddling in their affairs.  But she's been asked to help - again.  This time by her proper employee, Grace, who has previously discouraged her involvement in these investigations.  Funny how that works.  Anyway, the next book in the series is Snipped in the Bud.  My aforementioned co-worker skipped straight from the 1st book to the 4th so I had a spoiler about how it starts off, and there's no question that I need to read it and find out the deets.


  1. The titles are a hoot!

  2. They are. And they keep on that way through book 13.


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