Monday, August 26, 2013

Trains (How Artists See Jr.) (Children's Book)

Title: Trains

Author: Colleen Carroll; Illustrations by a variety of artists

Publisher: Abbeville Press Publishers

Series: How Artists See Jr, Bk. 4

ISBN: 9780789209719

Obtained: Library copy

Why this book?  The cover has Time Transfixed on the cover... This is a picture I have loved for years (I have a poster of it too).  Plus trains are right up my youngest nephews alley.


I've never read any How Artists See books, but apparently it's a series that can be used to instruct children in art appreciation.  How Artists See Jr. is the preschool version of that.

At the beginning of this board book is a page titled "Tips for Using This Book."  Listed are questions you can ask young children while looking at the artworks presented.  When I read this with the kiddos, we first flipped through all the pics, then I went back and asked some of the questions.  They picked the trains they would ride, and we discussed whether it was day/night, summer/winter, and whether the trains were fast/slow.  

Overall, it is a very interesting book that brought me, as an adult, to look at some aspects of art more closely.


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