Monday, August 26, 2013

Open This Little Book (Children's Book)

Title: Open This Little Book

Author: Jesse Klausmeier; Illustrated by Suzy Lee

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9780811867832

Obtained: Library book

Why this book?:

I don't remember if I saw it on a shelf or on Wowbrary, but it was about books so...


This is a very fun book.  It has so much going for it.

Colors and animals.  An encouraging reading/book theme.  And it's a great interactive read.

The kiddos can turn the pages and help with the reading (one assumes - my nephews and niece didn't really see it before I had to return it).

Each character is emphasized in a different font and there's a nice use of repetition.  The illustrations are cute and vivid.

I'm planning on recommending it at work.  And I'd be happy to "open another" book by this author or with this illustrator.

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