Sunday, August 25, 2013

Some recent reads and re-reads of Robin D. Owens books...

I recently read Heart Search (Celta Heartmates, Bk 10) by Robin D. Owens.  Then I re-read chunks and pieces of the nine preceding novels in the series (some more than others).  But that wasn't quite all.  So I re-read Heart Search for the second time in a matter of a couple weeks.  Then I signed up for the Amazon Prime trial so I could get Heart Secret (Celta Heartmates, Bk 11) and the newly released Heart Fortune (Celta Heartmates, Bk 12) with free two-day shipping.  I read both, and then re-read parts of both immediately after.

Anyway, about the stories. 

I had forgotten how things left off with Laev and it was interesting to see in Heart Search that time was the necessary ingredient to make things work out.  I think that's part of why I got behind with the series.  The not knowing.

For Heart Secret, man, Primross was STUBORN.  But I still enjoyed the story.  Even though I could have knocked him over the head a time or two.  And TQ (the house) is really coming into its own!

Heart Fortune's story was a little disappointing for me.  I still enjoyed it, but... Anyway, it was hard to focus on that because this is a future where librarianship is a magical power! I mean really, is that not awesome or what?  But good thing I'm not part of the Licorice family because I don't know if I could have stood the pressure!

Anyway, I really love the Celta HeartMate series.  Can't you tell?  But now I have to wait until next August or so for the next full length novel.  I will read the short stories in Heart and Swords soon.  And I might start her Mystic Circle (3 books never read) sometime soon.  I own the first and requested the library purchase the second and third.

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