Friday, July 26, 2013

Whiskey Beach

Title: Whiskey Beach

Author: Nora Roberts

Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons

ISBN: 9780399159893

Obtained: Library copy

Why this book?:

It's the newest Nora Roberts.  And that's that.


Despite the suspense, etc. of the book, the characters always seem to make these books feel warm.  This would have been PERFECT reading with a storm - rain or snow.  You know?

Eli is trying to get back to being himself - or as he says it (or thinks it?), his best self.   Abra seems to be mostly there already despite a rough past.  But things aren't so easy for Eli as trouble - and murder - follow him.

As usual I enjoyed this.  I hope to catch up on some of the NR books I missed somewhat soon.  (Did I say that last time?)

Side note:

While I read this I couldn't help but think about how Nora's characters always turn out to have such happy lives, despite flaws and imperfections.  How the HEA of these books feel more contented even than most.  And how I just don't see that in my life - or real life.  This seems obvious - I mean, Hello.  Fiction.  But my dream future throughout high school etc. was kinda based on NR's books.  I was going to turn 28 (that was the usual age in he past full novels) and my life was going to settle.  I was going to be in my chosen career and relatively successful at it.  My family life would be pretty settled.  Etc.  Makes me kinda jealous of fictional characters. 'Cuz I'm 28 now, soon to be 29.  And my life is nothing special.  Ah, to have my dreams fade away.  But I've always been aware of reality too, I I live with what I've got and where I am in reality.

A Sample of the audio version (even though I read the print):

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