Monday, July 22, 2013

Deadly Blessings

Title: Deadly Blessings (Link to Amazon)

Author: Julie Hyzy (alternate - old - link)

Publisher: ? (Print is Five Star)

Series: Alex St. James Mystery, Bk 1

Size: 347 pages; 525 KB

Obtained: Personal Kindle ebook copy - Free on Amazon

Why this book?:

  1. It was free.
  2. It's by Julie Hyzy.
  3. It's a first in series.
  4. I now have a Kindle to read it on.
  5. I was planning on going to Julie Hyzy's book launch and thought now was especially the perfect time to read this.

I expected to enjoy this, because I enjoy Julie's writing in general.  Those expectations were tempered by the fact that this is an earlier work.  So I was happy to find I enjoyed this more than expected.  I like Alex.  I'm rooting for her in her career and relationships.  She does get herself in foolhardy positions, but she's a journalist, so that could be considered part of the job.  Maybe. 

Anyway, I enjoyed it enough that I broke my personal rules and purchased the Kindle version of the second book in the series, Deadly Interest.  (The fact that it isn't available through Overdrive and the local library was a factor in that decision).

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