Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Lost Night

Title: The Lost Night

Author: Jayne Castle aka Jayne Ann Krentz aka Amanda Quick

Publisher: Jove Novel

Series: Rainshadow, Bk 2; Harmony, Bk 9

ISBN: 9780515152845

Pages: 332

Obtained: Personal copy via


My PBS account had been on hold for ages, and I forgot to reset the date to keep it that way.  So in the first couple days of the new year I received 4-5 offers (for which I had no credits).  I said not now to most of them, but I couldn't resist this one; I bought the credits.  And once it arrived I couldn't resist reading it.  Nevermind that I still haven't read Crystal Gardens (Amanda Quick) and couldn't remember any details about Copper Beach.  (You may not see the relevance here as I haven't listed this as an Arcane novel... Arcane is mentioned in The Lost Night but it's only just mentioned.)

Rachel Blake has a psychic talent that some in the world of Harmony would look down on.  But she's found a place on Rainshadow.  Even if the others on the island do consider her to be a bit fragile after her missing time spent in the Reserve.  I liked her.  And Harry Sebastian, with his dark but powerful talent, as well.  Having recently tried to torture myself by reading a much older Jayne Ann Krentz book (And failing, I might add.  It was a definite DNF.), it's such a relief to see heroes I can like and enjoy reading about in her more modern books.  Plus there are the dust bunnies (always a pleasure).  In this case, there's Darwina with her precious Amberella doll.

As for the story, well, it was interesting.  A nice mix of futuristic romance and some mystery.  I look forward to catching up with Crystal Gardens and with reading the newest Jayne Ann Krentz book out, Dream Eyes.

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  1. I need to get back to the Arcane Society series. Loved that on audio, but I'm currently hooked on Jeaniene Frost. I just finished book one of her new series about Vlad. Book two should be out either Feb or March. The only series I haven't read is the Night Huntress with Kat & Bones. But have read the Night Huntress World series. She has to be my favorite storyteller.


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