Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Widow's Web

Title: Widow's Web

Author: Jennifer Estep

Publisher: Pocket Books Urban Fantasy

Series: Elemental Assassin, Bk 7

ISBN: 9781451651775

Pages: 364

Obtained: Library copy


I love this series overall, I really think Gin is great, and I finished it in about 4 hours...pretty much all in one sitting.

Phillip Kincaid made a big appearance in this book (he's mentioned in previous books, but not much), and it turns out I really like his character and hope to see more of him.  Gin's sister, Bria, didn't play as large a role in this one, but I was very pleased with how she's adjusting to Gin as a sister and really learning how to accept and support her.  And as for the bad guy, Salina, she does some incredibly horrible things and is totally whacked out.  So a great bad guy, really.   But Owen?  Owen, who I liked so much in the previous books?  He was incredibly frustrating (and that's an understatement) in this one.  (Want to know why?  Check out some of the reviews on Goodreads.  Some people went into incredible detail about how and why Owen's character bothered them.)

The story's ending is okay, but Gin can't seem to catch a break in the relationship department.  So while her friendships are all becoming more solid than ever, she still manages to end up in a gloomy down spot.  But Gin's a fighter so you know she'll get through.  All the more reason for me to anxiously anticipate the 8th book, Deadly Sting.  Of course it doesn't help that I read the excerpt for it at the end.  I thought I'd broken myself of that horrible mistake, but temptation caught me and now I have to wait until March to finish it!


While I was exploring Jennifer Estep's website I found several (free) short stories.  The stories are from various perspectives (some Gin's, some other characters) and span years (some occurring before any of the books, some fitting between books).  I read "Spider's Bargain," "Web of Death," "Web of Deceit," "Poison," and "Wasted."  There are others that I will get back to at some point in the future... maybe before the next book to serve as a refresher.


  1. All I needed to see was the cover and I'm like "Yes, I'm adding it to my reading list." Then I see it's book seven in the series. That stopped me. Guess I'll be putting book one on my list.

    1. Our library has this series, but also Mythos Academy series. Have you read that one yet?

    2. I love this series, so Ido recommend trying it. I haven't tried the Mythos Academy books yet. I intend to some day...they just don't have the head start that the Elemental Assassin books do by featuing an Assassin (cuz you know I havean obsession). But'll I will read them eventually.

    3. Please excuse the typos (the many any typos). I'm not using my computer and this one apparently has trouble keeping up.

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