Thursday, November 29, 2012


Title: Illusions aka Wild

Author: Aprilynne Pike

Publisher: Harper Teen

Series: Wings, Bk 3

ISBN: 9780061668098

Pages: 375

Obtained: Library copy


It's been some time since I read the first two books in this series, Wings (read January 2010) and Spells (read February 2011).  While I was fuzzy on much of the background, I did remember enjoying them.  I already had both Illusions and Destined checked out (and due that Monday) from the library when I saw another blogger mention reading the series on their It's Monday! post.  I was suddenly inspired to get moving on them (as opposed to returning them and trying again later). 

It's Laurel and her friends' Senior year of high school.  Laurel is dating David, and hasn't seen Tamani in months when he shows up at her school as an exchange student.  Something is going on... the sentries can't find the trolls despite plenty of evidence regarding their presence.  There has to be some enemy behind this, but they aren't sure who.  And beyond that, one of the other exchange students is apparently an unknown faerie.

The story is rife with emotional entanglements and jealousy and relationship drama... most of which I could have done without.  Of course, since there is this triangle thing going on (though really, it's like overlapping triangles or something), I did feel some preference.  I think, in the beginning of the series I took much more to David, but since my memory of that has dimmed all I had to go by was this book.  And in this book?  I felt like Tamani was the better choice for Laurel.  It probably helped that the story was told from his perspective every once and awhile.

Anyway, the book ended on a major cliffhanger.  I would have started the next book Destined then and there, but it was already 3:30 am and I needed sleep.


  1. Okay, after reading this, I might need to go back and read book one again. Wow, I think I read it the year it came out. Lots of books since then.

    1. I always want to go back and reread the beginning of series, but it never happens. I would never have time to try new books, authors, and series.


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